Overview of a Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a statement that is placed on a website specifying how a business collects, uses, and manages a user’s personal data.

A user of a website accepts the terms of the Privacy Policy by continuing to use the website after reading this statement. The Privacy Policy also applies to the use of the application that you offer. By clarifying the scope of use of such personal data, you can avoid future disputes concerning data privacy infringement.

Privacy Policy creates a better online environment by showing users that a business is transparent in the use of their personal data, and it ensures compliance with the law.

When should you use a Privacy Policy?

One of the key requirements imposed by GDPR is the transparency on the collection and use of personal information. Individuals have the right to be informed about what you do with their personal information. A clear and concise Privacy Policy is a fundamental step towards GDPR compliance, as well as general good practice in data privacy protection.

To prepare a Privacy Policy that suits your business, we recommend that you first conduct an information audit to have a clear idea of the different categories of personal information you collect and hold in your business, as well as the purpose for collection and the legal basis for doing so. You may use our Information Audit Form for assistance.

Key points included

  • What information you collect about users/visitors when they visit your website or use your products or services;
  • How you use, share, store, and secure the information; and
  • How users/visitors can access and control their information.

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